#112 Obama, Mandela, and Hope

On July 25, 2018

President Obama gave a major lecture in Johannesburg last week commemorating the 100th anniversary of Nelson Mandel’s birth…A very welcome breath of fresh air.

#111 Making Exoskeletons to Support and Protect Our Democracy

On October 11, 2017

Having said all of that, I wonder if we pay undue attention to our federal government.  It is tempting to do so because it is the biggest game and it unceasingly calls attention to itself – even absent a narcissist like Trump to aid and abet it – supplying endless free “content” for the news media in the process.

#110 Selfishness

On June 6, 2017

Selfishness is the operative word here. And, the extreme manifestation of selfishness is narcissism, where the self is the epicenter of the universe.

# 109 Tweetocracy

On February 15, 2017

Several of you have asked when I was going to offer some reassuring words. Despite my optimistic bent, I regret that I don’t see any easy way out of the pickle we have gotten ourselves into. I only hope that the country is simply going through a period of temporary insanity. I am hopeful that steadfast vigilance and a pervasive sense of personal responsibility will ultimately help our democracy recover from the assaults it is currently enduring.

#108 Homelessness, Coping, and Working

On November 22, 2016

The day after the election, I was as shocked as anyone. The ecstasy of the Cubs’ victory vanished in a flash. I knew it would take some time, if ever, to understand what happened and what to do going forward.

#107 Attention to Work

On November 11, 2016

In the wake of the stunning election results and in light of how wrong I was in predicting its outcome, I’m not sure that you want to hear from me anymore.

#106 A Coda to the “So-Called Campaign” — and What’s Next

On November 2, 2016

Hello Everyone, With less than a week to go in this most unusual presidential election, I would like to offer a few closing thoughts about this “so-called campaign” and what its aftermath might be. A few of you may recall that in October of last year I wrote #100:  “Will the Narcissist Help to Restore […]

#105 Addiction to Attention

On September 1, 2016

As the presidential campaign runs its course, it seems to me that we need only one construct to understand Mr. Trump’s motivation for running for president and his unconventional behavior – his insatiable need for attention. It’s an addiction.

#104 The DSM Has the Answers

On June 21, 2016

As I wrote last time, I think that understanding Trump’s candidacy requires psychoanalysis rather than political analysis.

#103 A Dangerous Mix: Fear, Authoritarianism, and Narcissism

On June 9, 2016

Fear has caused some voters this cycle to seek an authoritarian figure. Donald Trump’s style meets this need, even though he may be nothing more than a narcissist seeking the ultimate form of attention. Nonetheless, fear, authoritarianism, and narcissism are a dangerous mix.