#10 Two Worthwhile Articles

On November 12, 2007

Hello Everyone, This is another in my occasional series on the Obama Campaign. Here are excerpts from two recent New York Times Magazine and Atlantic Monthly articles that capture the essence of Barack Obama as well as any I have seen. They offer insights into why Barack is the only presidential candidate I have worked […]

#9 National Polls are Irrelevant

On November 8, 2007

Hello Everyone, First of all, please tune in this Sunday morning (November 11) to see Barack on Meet the Press. On NBC. At 9:30am Central Time; please check your local listings. Yesterday, I attended Obama National and Illinois Finance Committee meetings at campaign headquarters. Michelle Obama, among others, met with our group. The conventional wisdom […]

#8 Good Judgment on Foreign Policy

On August 27, 2007

Hello Everyone, This is another message from me in an occasional series…. Barack’s positions on Pakistan, despots, and nuclear weapons have made headlines recently, leading some to question his experience in – and therefore judgment on – foreign affairs. For what it’s worth, I want to tell you why I have great confidence in Barack’s […]

#7 Perspectives on Money and the Polls

On July 3, 2007

Hello Everyone, In the wake of Barack’s astonishing fundraising results for the second quarter, I thought I would try to put them in a larger context. And I want to provide you with some historical perspective on the national polls – which are out of synch with these results. As we all know, neither of […]

#6 Insights into Obama

On May 3, 2007

Hello Everyone, I’m including as attachments (as well as the full texts below) two pieces that provide some important and, in my personal experience, accurate insights into Barack Obama and how he thinks. The first is a piece by the conservative NY Times columnist, David Brooks, based on his recent interview with Barack (Brooks has […]

#5 Joseph Stiglitz

On April 25, 2007

 Hello Everyone, I wanted you to be among the first to know that Joseph Stiglitz has joined Barack’s group of economic advisers. Professor Stiglitz won the Nobel Prize Economics in 2001. Notably, he was Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers in the Clinton White House. Subsequently, he was Chief Economist at the World Bank. […]

#4 Economic Advisor Goolsbee

On April 19, 2007

Hello Everyone, I promise to not inundate you with emails, but as I’ve done for the past several months, I try to keep my eye out for important news you may have missed and pass it along. Yesterday, the business section of the NY Times had an article on the various candidates’ economic advisers. That […]

#3 Washington Meeting Notes

On April 16, 2007

Hello Everyone, Last week, I was in Washington for a meeting of Barack’s National Finance Committee. As you might suppose, it was quite up beat. The amount of money raised during the first quarter – thanks to so many of you was a very convincing indication of the viability of Barack’s candidacy. As you know, […]

#2 First Quarter Results

On April 4, 2007

Hello Everyone, I just got off an Obama National Finance Committee conference call. There is unprecedented enthusiasm for Barack’s candidacy as indicated by the results of just a few months of fundraising. While the totals are not yet final, we now know we have raised at least $25 million from over 100,000 donors in just […]

#1 Obama Announces Candidacy

On February 9, 2007

Hello Everyone, As you know from my previous emails, I am actively supporting Barack Obama’s presidential candidacy. He will officially announce this Saturday. The announcement will be made in the Old State Capital in Springfield, Illinois – where the Republican Abraham Lincoln made his famous speech proclaiming “a house divided against it’s self cannot stand.” […]