#37 Winning Big — The “Ownership Campaign”

On October 23, 2008

Hello Everyone, Twelve days left (and it’s my birthday today, too). Barack isn’t sitting on his lead; he’s pressing to not only win, but win big. Warning against complacency, he reminds us of his “loss” in New Hampshire in January (although he actually didn’t lose; he tied Sen. Clinton with 9 pledged delegates each.) As […]

#36 We’ve Been Palling Around with Bill Ayers, Too

On October 14, 2008

Hello Everyone, My wife, Penny Sebring, and I have confessions to make. We’ve been “palling around” with that 1960’s radical from Chicago – Bill Ayers – for years. Think of it – Penny, my petite, demure, Peace Corps, Northwestern PhD, schoolimprovement expert, research professor at the University of Chicago, and Grinnell College trustee. And, me […]

#35 Pollster McCain and the Politics of Distraction

On September 29, 2008

Hello Everyone, February 19 redux Some of you may recall that it was apparent in late February that Barack was going to win the nomination — barring some unforeseen disaster. But, it was in the media’s selfinterest at that time to continue to call it a “tight horse race”, and it was in Hillary Clinton’s […]

#34 Many Reasons to be Confident

On September 22, 2008

Hello Everyone, Over the last three weeks, I’ve witnessed a lot of hand-wringing among Obama supporters. Someone even called it bed-wetting. To the contrary, I remain serenely confident that Barack will win. Let me tell you why. An enthusiasm booster shot Sen. McCain’s desperate and reckless V.P. pick seems to have been just what our […]

#33 The Make-Believe Maverick(s)

On September 10, 2008

Hello Everyone, As many of you know, I have been closely observing this presidential campaign from its beginning 19 months ago and, as a novice, written regularly on what I see. Here’s my latest observation: questionable assertions that are repeated and go unchallenged are taken as truths. Think the “Swift-boating” of John Kerry (I wasn’t […]

#32 The Ground Game and Due Diligence

On September 4, 2008

Hello Everyone, We returned on Friday from the Democratic convention. It was a memorable and energizing experience. Thursday night was, in fact, magical. Misplaced Media Focus In the process, I was reminded of how misplaced the media’s focus can be. We all remember, and I wrote about during the primaries, that many in the media […]

#31 My First Convention

On August 27, 2008

Hello Everyone, I am attending my first, and probably only, political convention. I’m here because of my once-every-forty-years enthusiasm for a candidate (remember, Bobby was the last one). I also bring an amateur anthropologist’s curiosity to this most curious of clan gatherings. This will be brief as I am pecking it out on my beloved […]

#30 What Do We Really Know about John McCain?

On July 30, 2008

Hello Everyone, Barack’s just-concluded overseas trip was revealing in several ways in addition to the obvious ones. He certainly did look presidential, completely capable of holding a series of rapid-fire meetings with heads of state in a wide array of settings. Extraordinarily impressive. Upon his return, Barack was greeted with an insightful column by Bob […]

#29 Flak From All Sides

On July 16, 2008

Hello Everyone, Some of you may have noticed – many no doubt have been relieved – that I have not written since Barack became the presumptive Democratic nominee. Some of you may also recall from my earliest musings about a year and a half ago, I am not a political professional or party activist. I […]

#28 Reflections on a Milestone

On June 4, 2008

Hello Everyone, On this morning after a milestone – when Barack went over the top in delegates and rightfully claimed the Democratic presidential nomination — it seems fitting to offer a brief coda. It feels really good that the world now knows what I have suspected for 2 years and known for 3 ½ months […]