#27 Blowouts, Baseball, and Ronald Reagan

On May 12, 2008

Hello Everyone, Over the past seventeen months, I have written a number of Obamagrams, including ones entitled “Baseball Rules” and “Runs Scored,” using a baseball metaphor to explain the primary process. I have cautioned about changing the rules late in the game. And, I have likened Barack Obama to Ronald Reagan. I want to share […]

#26 Capitulation

On May 7, 2008

Hello Everyone, Last night was even better than I had hoped for. He is now the Democratic nominee. Barack’s 14 point win in North Carolina was bigger than I’d expected. And his 2 point loss in Indiana was smaller than I’d expected. Contrary to the impression left by the preelection media coverage, North Carolina is […]

#25 Feeling Good – the Hill Just Got Steeper

On April 23, 2008

Hello Everyone, Senator Clinton needed to win in Pennsylvania by 32 points (66%-34%), but she didn’t come close. By winning the popular vote by only 10 points (55%-45%), she failed to dent Barack’s unassailable lead in elected delegates, the so-called Pledged Delegates. As I anticipated in earlier Obamagrams, the incline of the huge hill that […]

#24 Pick-Up and Personality

On April 17, 2008

Hello Everyone, Many of you have already been subjected to my stories about the background work I have done to determine if Barack is as special as he seems. So, I have some exciting, and entertaining, confirmatory evidence to share with you. Soon after Penny and I first met Barack about five years ago, we […]

#23 Learning the Process – Chap. #2 – “Runs Scored”

On March 28, 2008

Hello Everyone, In Chapter #1 on “Baseball”, I urged you to remember the number 167. That’s the size of Barack’s lead in Pledged Delegates. There is one other number to remember as everyone obsesses over Pennsylvania: 66%. That is the percentage of all the remaining Pledged Delegates that Sen. Clinton must win in order to […]

#22 Learning the Process – Chap. #1 – “Baseball Rules”

On March 18, 2008

Hello Everyone, Memorize this number: 167 It’s the middle of the night in Chicago, and I can’t sleep. Something’s bothering me about that number. So, I thought I’d write an Obamagram. My sense of unease started to build when I read a headline on nytimes.com on my BlackBerry on Wednesday morning, March 4th. I was […]

#21 Some Perspective on Hope and Hard Work

On February 26, 2008

Hello Everyone, As we approach what may prove to be the real Super Tuesday, I am groping to find a perspective with a wider angle than the professional pundits have provided. As I’ve said before, short-term analysis of the stock market is of little value. Markets are too complex. Primaries are, too. Nonetheless, I sense […]

#20 The Next 19 Days: Is March 4 the Next Super Tuesday?

On February 14, 2008

Hello Everyone, Over the past year, I have written in this format on many topics. Among other things, I have reminded all of us that patience is required. We are being rewarded for that. Now we have to bear down to help Barack do well on March 4. Recognizing that this may go into April […]

#19 Danielle Allen

On February 14, 2008

Hello Everyone, I’m passing along another superb piece by Professor Danielle Allen from the University of Chicago and the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, whose other observations I have forwarded previously. Professor Allen’s deeply-incisive analysis is attached. Here are just a few excerpts from it: You will have noticed that Senator Obama is beginning […]

#18 Delegates and Dollars

On February 8, 2008

Hello Everyone, This will be a quick note to make a few observations following so-called Super Tuesday. I am doing this on the fly from Bethesda, MD where our fourth grandchild, and first grandson, was born on Wednesday. Many of us don’t know how to feel right now. American voters are like American sports fans […]