#78 Ending Norquist’s Protection Racket

On December 7, 2012

The situation surrounding the so-called “fiscal cliff” cries out for comment. So, I thought I’d offer my two cents amid the avalanche of predictably conventional news coverage.

#77 A Grand “Victory” Speech – Balancing Communitarianism and Personal Responsibility

On November 8, 2012

Tuesday’s great election victory was punctuated with a grand speech which was consistent with President Obama’s philosophy and previous speeches.

#76 Why Obama is a Great President

On November 2, 2012

Within minutes of sending #75 yesterday, a friend of mine, who is a writer and was managing editor of one of the country’s oldest and most thoughtful magazines, sent me a piece that appeared two days ago in New York magazine. It is entitled “The Case of Obama: Why He is a Great President. Yes, Great.”

#75 Why the President Will Be Reelected and Why He Should Be

On November 1, 2012

As the clock winds down to Election Day, I feel the need to write about two things: 1) why I think President Obama will be reelected and 2) one of the primary reasons I think he should be.

#74 Debates Don’t Matter Much

On October 9, 2012

The last few days of endless analysis of the first presidential debate has, I must admit, annoyed me.

I have a decidedly minority opinion on presidential debates. I don’t think they matter much. Presidential temperament and authenticity does.

#73 The 47% Worldview — from Parodied to Pilloried

On September 21, 2012

My promise of another commentary on Obamacare will have to wait. More pressing matters have caught my attention.

#72 A Risky Rationale — Romney’s Choice of Ryan

On August 12, 2012

Late last night, after sending # 71, I read Nate Silver’s piece in the New York Times on Cong. Ryan’s selection.

#71 “The Second Coming of Sarah Palin?”

On August 11, 2012

Usually, I am reluctant to effectively “tweet” about events as they unfold – impetuous reactions can be of little value or may even be ill-advised.

#70 “Romneycare”

On July 25, 2012

In my last Obamagram, I promised to summarize the 2006 Massachusetts law that served as the model for the new federal health insurance law. I’ll attempt to do that here.

#69 Beginning to Understand Health Insurance

On July 11, 2012

On the heels of the Supreme Court ruling largely upholding the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” it’s time to follow up on Obamagram #45, “Health INSURANCE Reform,” written in September 2009, prior to the passage of the Act.