#111 Making Exoskeletons to Support and Protect Our Democracy

On October 11, 2017

Having said all of that, I wonder if we pay undue attention to our federal government.  It is tempting to do so because it is the biggest game and it unceasingly calls attention to itself – even absent a narcissist like Trump to aid and abet it – supplying endless free “content” for the news media in the process.

#110 Selfishness

On June 6, 2017

Selfishness is the operative word here. And, the extreme manifestation of selfishness is narcissism, where the self is the epicenter of the universe.

# 109 Tweetocracy

On February 15, 2017

Several of you have asked when I was going to offer some reassuring words. Despite my optimistic bent, I regret that I don’t see any easy way out of the pickle we have gotten ourselves into. I only hope that the country is simply going through a period of temporary insanity. I am hopeful that steadfast vigilance and a pervasive sense of personal responsibility will ultimately help our democracy recover from the assaults it is currently enduring.