Charles Ashby Lewis, Evanston, IL

About Obamagrams

I am a former investment banker who now runs his family foundation, not a political professional or experienced commentator.

I first met Barack Obama in 2003 in Chicago where we both worked for a long time. I actively supported his Senate campaign and, in 2006, I encouraged him to run for President and wrote to some people to tell them that.

In February 2007, days before he officially entered the race, I started to write occasional pieces that I emailed to friends and colleagues across the country. I dubbed them “Obamagrams.”

Originally, my purposes for writing these commentaries were both to introduce Barack Obama to those who didn’t already know him and to clarify my own thinking about the nomination process. I vouched for him based upon my own due diligence and later joined his National Finance Committee, a first for me. In so doing, I tried to generate support for his candidacy and, then, to sustain that support during the inevitable highs and lows of the campaign.

Following a pause after the general election, I decided to continue offering occasional observations about the administration, the economy, the markets and politics. I reasoned that it would be a shame if most of us – yours truly included – returned to our pre-campaign postures, barely paying attention to our democracy, largely “outsourcing” it to professional politicians and the self-interested.

Some of my readers suggested that I make my Obamagrams more widely available, so that is why I maintain this website, a successor to a more rudimentary one.

If you have not read any of my Obamagrams before, I recommend that you start with #1, then sample #22 and #58. We will post new ones as they become available.

Obama / Amherst College Reunion / May 2009


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