#62 The United States of America

On January 25, 2012

Hello Everyone,

In my estimation, last night’s State of the Union address was first rate and quintessentially Obama. 

 Communitarian. Moderate.  Thoughtful.  Nuanced.  Wordsmithed.  Energetic.  Positive.

I think it is always good practice to read what we have heard.  It deepens our understanding.  So, the speech is attached.  It is a great read – like the President’s books.

I liked this speech so much because it recapitulates and expands upon the forward-looking global-economic-competition theme he introduced in his State of the Union a year ago.  Perhaps I liked this one, too, because it comported with the unsolicited advice I offered last September in #58: “Out-educate, Out-innovate, Out-build.” http://www.obamagrams.com/group-7/out-educate-out-innovate-out-build/  While he didn’t specifically repeat that phrase, those were the themes of this wonderful address.  I hope he uses this shorthand going forward.

It reminded me once again why I am so thankful Barack Obama is our president.

Please, as always, pass it on.  And, remember that previous Obamagrams are stored on www.obamagrams.com


adobe pdf fileState of the Union Address 1-24-12


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