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On Wednesday, the New York Times, of all places, unwittingly proved the point of my last Obamagram. Delegates matter, not so-called “wins.”

Misleading Headlines
The Time’s lead story on Wednesday – “Santorum Takes 2 Races in South; Romney is Third.” Dead wrong. Boy, are they confused.

Having worked for a long time in a large organization, I know what it’s like when the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.

Delegates Count
True, Sen. Santorum “won” pluralities in 2 (Alabama and Mississippi) of the 4 (including Hawaii and American Samoa) contests on Tuesday.

But, that’s far from a true picture. If the Time’s reporters had just visited their own website –http://elections.nytimes.com/2012/primaries/delegates — they would have noticed that:

1. Gov. Romney collected 7 more delegates on Tuesday than Sen. Santorum did.

2. Gov. Romney actually won Mississippi – 14 delegates to 13 (click on “Miss.” on the website to learn why – it’s complicated.)

Remember all of the hullabaloo in 2008 when it was reported that Sen. Clinton “won” Texas when Sen. Obama actually got more delegates there than she did? History repeats itself.

By outscoring Sen. Santorum on Tuesday (remember #22: “Baseball Rules”), Gov. Romney lengthened his lead. He now has almost twice as many delegates as Sen. Santorum – 495 to 252.

It is still apparent that Gov. Romney will win even though the media needs to drag this out and keep everyone entertained.

Personal Note
My wife, Penny Sebring, and I had the privilege of attending the state dinner at the White House on Wednesday for Prime Minister Cameron. It was only the fourth state dinner of the Obama presidency.

One vignette is symbolic of this extraordinary evening. We walked off the White House grounds at midnight and ran into Orin Kramer, a prominent member of the National Finance Committee, and his guest. Then, Penny and I stopped to take a picture in front of the Treasury Department building, which is gorgeous at night. Orin’s guest asked if we wanted her to take our picture. That led her to ask how we got to know the President. In responding, I told my oft-repeated story that prior to getting to know Barack Obama “I hadn’t been truly excited about any presidential candidate for 40 years – not since 1968 and Bobby Kennedy (Obamagram #15).” She said that she loved that story – because she is one of Bobby’s daughters – Kerry Kennedy! We then gave her a ride to where she was staying. A fitting ending to a magical evening.

Penny says it was the best dinner we’ve ever been to. I agree. Yes, it was elegant and very special for all the obvious reasons. However, it was “the best” because it was not only the kind of highly diverse group (in all the senses of that term) that we like, but because there was a common sense of high purpose and good cheer among almost all of those in attendance, Democrat and Republican, liberal and conservative, American and British alike.

Please, as always, pass it on. And, remember that previous Obamagrams are stored on www.obamagrams.com



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