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Usually, I am reluctant to effectively “tweet” about events as they unfold – impetuous reactions can be of little value or may even be ill-advised.

Therefore, I will confine my first reaction to the selection of Cong. Paul Ryan to my unique interpretation of a well-timed observation that Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post made last night on PBS’ Newshour: “ …from the Democrats’ point of view, [Ryan’s choice] would be like the second coming of Sarah Palin…[but] in a very different way…”

I agree.

But, I want to be very clear that Cong. Ryan bears NO resemblance to Gov. Palin in knowledge, competence, experience, and innumerable other ways.

At this point, I agree with Ms. Marcus only because Gov. Romney’s decision reminds me of Sen. McCain’s Hail Mary in 2008 in that it might tell us something about Gov. Romney’s assessment of his competitive situation. (Cong. Ryan’s selection may also prove to be a lodestone around Gov. Romney’s neck much as Gov. Palin’s was around Sen. McCain’s. That will become clearer soon. That, in turn, would be a belated birthday gift to President Obama. Appropriately, we are going to the birthday event at the President’s house in Hyde Park tomorrow.)

Almost four years ago, on September 29, 2008, I wrote the following in Obamagram #35 (here is a link to it:http://www.obamagrams.com/group-4/pollster-mccain-and-the-politics-of-distraction/).

“…Sen. McCain’s decisions are a much better indicator of the state of the race than any poll. In fact, he is our best pollster…

“Sen. McCain has now made 2 highly risky decisions that clearly signaled that he knew he was going to lose unless he took some drastic steps: 1) his    pick of Sarah Palin, and 2) last week’s supposed “suspension” of his campaign [to address the looming financial crisis]. A single data point may be an aberration, but 2 data points indicate a clear trend…

“I expect that Sarah Palin will prove to be an increasingly heavy lodestone around Sen. McCain’s neck in the next 36 days.”

Cautious and analytical people like Gov. Romney seldom make rash decisions, unlike the self-styled “maverick” John McCain. So, this crucial decision for Gov. Romney may be telling us something of even greater import than Sen. McCain’s did in 2008. We’ll see in the coming weeks if there is a second data point that confirms that.

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