Hello Everyone,

A few hours after sending yesterday’s Obamagram on presidential approval ratings, I had the privilege of participating in a 22-person hour-long roundtable discussion with President Obama.  Valerie Jarrett, Rahm Emanuel, and David Axelrod were also there.

The president was calm and unhurried.  He looked young and fresh.  And, he was upbeat and energetic.  But, what struck me most, once again, was how knowledgeable and thoughtful he is.  On a wide range of subjects, both foreign and domestic, his knowledge was truly encyclopedic.

The juxtaposition of sending my Obamagram in the morning and joining this session in the afternoon caused me to remember an observation that I have heard or read either Mayor Emanuel or Mr. Axelrod say or write about President Obama’s view of approval ratings.  In this case, such ratings as they relate to health insurance reform.

Very early in his term, based upon his understanding of history, the President apparently said to one or both of them that most politicians think of getting reelected, not getting something big and strategic done – like extending health insurance to the uninsured and better protection to those already insured.  He supposedly said, in effect, I can put my high approval ratings on the shelf and admire them, or I can try to use them to get something big done.

And, so he has.

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