#1 Obama Announces Candidacy

On February 9, 2007

Hello Everyone,

As you know from my previous emails, I am actively supporting Barack Obama’s presidential candidacy. He will officially announce this Saturday. The announcement will be made in the Old State Capital in Springfield, Illinois – where the Republican Abraham Lincoln made his famous speech proclaiming “a house divided against it’s self cannot stand.”

I have known Barack for four or five years, having met him at the Chicago Public Education Fund, an indication of his priorities. I know and work with his wife, Michelle, and know many of his close friends and advisors.

As I’ve said before, I am not normally active in politics. But, since I am more impressed by Barack than I have been by any candidate for any office since the 1960’s, I am committed to getting him nominated and elected.

Here’s why:

  • Barack is deliberative and reflective, not ideological.
  • He is highly intelligent and well-educated, so he will attract the best advisers, will listen to them, but not be manipulated by them.
  • He is not naturally partisan, so he approaches most issue with an open mind and has the capacity to see many points of view.
  • Due to the circumstances of his birth and childhood experiences, as a friend of mine put it, “Obama is an amalgam of all that is good about American”, or as I like to say, “He is a composite of all of us.”
  • Another friend has said that Barack is an “inspirational leader” at a time when we sorely need one.

I urge all of you to read his two books: Dreams from my Father (1995) and The Audacity of Hope (2006) to take your own measure of the man.

Some will say that he is not experienced enough. Apropos of his choice of venue for this Sunday’s announcement, it’s instructive to be reminded that Lincoln’s total experience in elective office was less than Barack’s. Lincoln spent six years in Illinois’ General Assembly, while Barack spent seven years in the State Senate. Lincoln served two years in the US House of Representatives, while Barack will have spent nearly four years in the Senate by the time of the election. Lincoln was 51 when he won the presidency; Barack will be 47. John Kennedy was 43 when he was elected.

So, I would ask you to learn about his most admirable man and support him if you can. I will, from time to time, email you information I come across that you might not have seen, like the two recent Chicago Tribune articles which are attached. Penny and I have also joined Barack’s National Finance Committee. We urge you to support him. Donations of any size are welcome. They are limited to $2,300 per person per candidate for the primary. If so inclined, you can send a check(s) to me at the address below or go on line at www.barackobama.com.

And, finally, if you are already tired of hearing from me, or have already made up your mind please hit “reply” and tell me to get lost (before you call the Fed’s “do not call registry”.)

Many thanks,


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