#2 First Quarter Results

On April 4, 2007

Hello Everyone,

I just got off an Obama National Finance Committee conference call. There is
unprecedented enthusiasm for Barack’s candidacy as indicated by the results of just a few months of fundraising.

While the totals are not yet final, we now know we have raised at least $25 million from over 100,000 donors in just one quarter. At least $23.5 million of this amount has been raised for the primary campaign, with the rest being designated to the general campaign should Barack win the nomination. This is probably more than any other candidate (pay close attention to this distinction as the other campaigns report details of their first quarter results.)

Thank you to all who have contributed so far. It is greatly appreciated.

We still have a probable goal of $75 million (like it or not) for the primary, so there is lot’s of work to do.

If we haven’t talked, and you would like to consider contributing, please click “reply.” (If you’re tired of hearing from me, let me know that, too.)

Thank you,


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