#6 Insights into Obama

On May 3, 2007

Hello Everyone,

I’m including as attachments (as well as the full texts below) two pieces that provide some important and, in my personal experience, accurate insights into Barack Obama and how he thinks.

The first is a piece by the conservative NY Times columnist, David Brooks, based on his recent interview with Barack (Brooks has some connection to us in Chicago since he did his under-graduate work at the University of Chicago.)

The second, much longer article, is from the current New Yorker. There are many good insights in this one, starting with the three paragraphs I’ve highlighted on page two.

Combined, these articles give us some perspectives on the depth and range of Barack’s intellect and his deliberative temperament. You can see why eight-person, sound-bite debates are not his best forum. As his wife, Michelle, is reported to have said, “it takes
sixty seconds for him to clear his throat.”

As always, please pass it along.


adobe pdf file Click here to download this article in PDF format.


adobe pdf file Attachment: Obama, Gospel and Verse.


adobe pdf file Attachment: The Conciliator.


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